LBβ€”like a lot of things, there are good arguments for just not using Door Dash but if you need to... tipping cash in person is a great idea

nice to see DoorDash’s crumminess getting some press coverage - easy way to fight this (for now, I guess) is to tip $0 in the app and then hand over some cash at the door! driver gets their full pay from the company plus your full tip!

@Pixley ok which one of y'all on the fediverse writes for Archer SHOW YOURSELF COWARD

Temperature drop means terriers can once again be UNDER blankies, where they belong.

it’s really easy, there are only 3 steps;

1. don’t stare at people because you think they look weird
2. we’re all human so sometimes you’ll zone out looking in the direction of someone, so if they make eye contact
3. smile back, and then look elsewhere and go about your business

a very cool and completely free way to be an ally to a whole load of kinds of people is to teach your kids, parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, niblings, friends and coworkers not to freaking stare at people because they think they look a bit weird

When we were in Romania, we were super lucky to stumble across the Iulia Hasdseu Castle on Atlas Obscura. Here are my pics:

Iulia was a 19th century wunderkind. but she died at 19, on the cusp of completing her dissertation. Live brilliantly, die young of TB.

Luckily? it was the age of spiritualism, so her parents kept in touch. And, under her guidance, her dad designed this wild folly of a house. Totally worth the photo tax.

I dreamed Tasha Yar was playing Olympic tennis and we were all hoping the judges would lift some ongoing penalty they’d imposed 4 years ago. It behaved like a golf handicap.



instead of "sir/madam", consider "traveller"

- gender neutral
- fun to say
- acknowledges the endless journey of the soul
- makes you feel like a medieval tavernkeep
- you absolutely can't risk misgendering a wandering swordmaster

Today, for work, I get to walk down the hill to "Animal Kingdom" store to look at stuffed animals. Truly, I am blessed.

...also everyone pray they have a fuckton of little black cats of some kind...

the terminator movie where the real villain was the programmer union who refused to build skynet

the tech consultant hired to finish skynet 

Again... he'll yeah I love DS9: Deep. Space. Nine.

(photo by friend who still uses friend face)

cc @bgcarlisle

I have spent too much of my Friday night already working on this script which is for work...

otoh I'm having a good time?

"Hmm but what if we gave an AI a bunch of human-curated data points and had them statistically pool the results?"

Congrats, techbros you just invented systematic reviews and meta-analysis, your epidemiology department has been doing this for a *while* please take a seat

The legal question is uninteresting

It'll either get shut down or consumed by Elsevier or some institution equally evil

But in the year [current year], this kind of techno-optimism is naive to the point of suspicious

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