FTP - Fox Transfer Protocol:

1. Carefully pick up fox
2. Hold fox gentle like hamborgar
3. Go to destination
4. Set fox down
5. Pet

As we were attempting to buy some computer equipment "I have received word from a reliable informant that the requisition is on the desk of ___. He is awaiting the return of Mr. MacIntoch from his vacation..." - 1972

at first I was VERY confused.

From the archives: in 1984, several units lost all access to the brand-new MAIL service because a student had misused it and misuse was punished at a unit level.

... this policy was quickly changed. Highlights, from the correspondence...

"I don't feel any great loss by not having electronic mail"

a word

"I have no idea how we could control students"

when I first started here, HR misclassified me as a part-time worker ineligible for the monthly bus pass benefit. I got reclassified but it took a while to process. I went to my boss and said "this is costing me a fair amount in one-off trips" and she immediately called them and had them issue me a subsidized bus pass on her authority.

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like payroll fucked up there but also mad respect for payroll and HR for saying "oh shit this is awful" and doing the right thing in every way and also telling the manager that the employee was in the right to press hard on this.

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also payroll 100%%% handling it correctly.

1) cutting her a check THAT DAY because it is inexcusable not to pay that person.

2) giving her an extra $500 from a hardship fund to buy groceries, etc because.

3) giving her paid time to go to the bank and deposit her check.

the manager being like "I am not responsible for her financial irresponsibility..." um... Allison gets this 100% too... she was prepared to pay bills IF SHE GOT PAID.

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"my employee wasn’t respectful enough after the company messed up her paycheck"

a reader asked...

me: are we sure this person is a READER? because... "big for her britches" and missing several paychecks????? that's ... a lot of paychecks


I've ghosted on one in the past but I feel like this one would follow up until she got ahold of me, so I need to just do it.

I also really miss my last therapist but... I just feel like we're not clicking and while I had ideas about what we might work on togehter I laso don't have capacity for that

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Ok well I’m as prepared as I’m gonna be I guess. I’ve got my little set of reasons and I just have to figure out when to say it. Maybe up front?

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Describing git as "a thin wrapper around scp and diff" just to annoy people

Duo switched the Allow/Deny buttons in their app. It's like they're asking someone to curse them to 10,000 years of pressing the wrong button every time.

737max corruption (Seattle Times, Forbes), fuck this shit 

So if I understand the timeline here correctly:

Boeing bamboozled its way into a FAA cert.
Planes crashed, people died.
Boeing "cooperates" with the investigation, getting a prosecution agreement with a 250M fine and explicit protection for top management.
Blame is placed on the chief technical pilot, who sounds like a scumbag acting under orders from higher up.
The federal prosecutor leaves her position, and gets hired as a partner with the law firm defending Boeing.
The chief pilot gets grand jury indicted for possible decades in prison.



having a bunch of ham radio guys over to our place on Sunday to help me put up an antenna and I'm excited and nervous about the whole thing. They're pretty much nice and generally helpful and also I'm like "Augh please don't judge me too hard for not being good at some stuff"

- the user's time is not yours, and wasting it is unacceptable. this means that you must both make the product easy to learn and easy to customize, automate, and accelerate

- if you tell the user that something has happened, saved, or worked, and it has not, you owe them money

- telling users what has actually gone wrong when an error or exception occurs not only helps them make better decisions but also reduces load on your customer success team. "sorry, something has gone wrong" is unacceptable and insufficient

- users will happily update their software to avoid security problems, lose bugs, increase performance or gain features. they will not do so if all you say is "bugfixes and performance improvements". if you do that and then people get hacked through an old version, that is your fault

but like -- it's lasted for a longer time than any of my PC-type laptops have so???

(I have a Thinkpad with Linux and my work comptuer is a Dell whatsisface with Windows--my life is complex)

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I hate that I like the old MacBook Air or whatever that I inherited from my dad because it’s pretty old and behaves pretty well and it seems Apple-solutely guaranteed that if I ever try to recreate this experience it’ll be shit

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