I wrote about what Death Positivity means to me in light of grief and mourning I’m experiencing right now. ruthtillman.com/what-death-pos

This was a podcast and data munging afternoon. It’s nice to have those from time to time. Also I want a nap.

Not using spaces in file names is cool but have you ever heard about ISO 8601

also I don't have actual time, but this stuff is fascinating "feloniously receiving two oil-paintings and a gold and enamel snuff box, the property of Charles Wertheimer , and five bronze figures and two daggers, the property of Charles Hoghton, well knowing the same in each case to have been stolen.

looks like a whole saga of testimony! oldbaileyonline.org/browse.jsp

Going through the Old Bailey website. Found this definition "Anarchist: Extreme radicals, often political refugees from the continent, who sought to undermine the capitalist system and the state"

me -- so, actual heroes?

it's a fascinating digital project and I think one can learn more about what anarchists back then were up to, but only the ones who were arrested.

Yesterday I mentioned the beauty of knowing you can make sites in pink/purple. Did you know that Internet Girlfriend already does that? internetgirlfriend.club/

I left my travellers notebook (which includes my work bullet journal) at home, so I am just doing my best today

Inside each of us is three wolves and a moon

Just a reminder:

If you're in a position of power over someone in some context (e.g. work, school), even if it's not that much power, just a bit of seniority

And you "invite" people with less power to something outside of that context

It's on *you* to make sure that they know it's optional and that nothing bad will happen if they decide not to take you up on that invite

Otherwise, you might be abusing your power

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Today's fun task is putting together a list of ALL the things wrong with our data to demo to the catalogers later today. we get to prioritize fixing it! πŸ’ƒ

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