pro tips for interview prep:

look at the company website
look through the company website
look behind the company website
look under the company website

From Jonnie Hallman (destroytoday - on birbsite) -- this is super on point:

How to get into woodworking:

Step 1 - Learn to code
Step 2 - Burn out
Step 3 - Get into woodworking

Perhaps you wanted to assemble IKEA furniture? He's in.
Work with a cutting machine? He's in.
Cut fabric? He's in.
Clean out the herp tank. He's literally in.

Trying to browse the Internet? He's in.
Trace a pattern? He's in.
Do product photography on a black velvet object that you have laboriously picked every white hair off of? He's totally in.
Distribute a neighborhood newsletter? He's in.

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Happy tenth anniversary to this fluffy white cat who wants to be part of everything we do.

Trying to machine-embroider? He's in.
Assemble a Lego kit? He's in.
Knit? He's in.
Put together a jigsaw puzzle? He's in.

Working more through a lit review and this table
(Xu & Chen, 2001) really says so much. Compares what (academic library) directors think systems librarians should study in library school vs. what systems librarians think they should study in library school:

police violence reference, kids teaching kids 

A friend posted on birbsite:

11 yo: If someone was holding Santa hostage at the mall, would you call security?

7 yo: I would call the POLICE or the FBI!!

11 yo: NO. Mall security has tasers. Cops won't use non-lethal force!

feels like the goal of society should be:

- happiness and curiosity and keeping each other's brains and bodies satisfied

but instead it seems to be :

- placating the pathologies of billionaires


Spent over an hour on hold with customer service. Thank goodness for headphones and mobile phones which literally allow me to be mobile, use my sewing machine, etc. etc., so that I don't go insane.

Serioulsy, headphones have saved my sanity so many times re: making important phone calls. It becomes a less-fun task vs. a dread

super good news with the house stuff 

I got real anxious but tried a wire transfer to pay the down payment/closing costs and got confirmation it's arrived and oh my god the relief

"You were afraid I might make a scene" "You are capable of many things."

Jadzia and Worf are not only couple goals, they are basically the dynamic my husband and I have anyway.

blast from the past:

boss: "my password hint is 'Ruth' but I can't remember the password"

me: ... ... ... I got nothing.

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