Redacted excerpts from a document I read yesterday related to our ILS development:

"Now they propose that we sign a legal document to accept the additional equipment, assume maintenance responsibility (at an unspecified cost or effective date), and collusively agree to
non-disclosure to others! ... They
must think PSU is a collection of idiots."

I love archival research

This ILS systems, hardware, and TERMINAL chart from 1984 or so is really a fantastic view not just at the variety of systems available, but the ways in which ILSes were tied to specific technologies...

born under neoliberalism, life in the marketplace stall, gonna die with a knife in my teeth. i'm not gonna compete in the market anymore.

โ€œDo Betterโ€ -Love(,) Us
Guidelines for Developing and Supporting Grant-Funded Positions in Digital Libraries, Archives, and Museums:

written by members of the DLF Labor Working Group's subgroup on contingency/precarity.

convinced a british guy on discord to try making tuna noodle casserole, this is true cultural exchange

aaaa we're having the "were historical figures lesbians or trans men" discussion

maybe, gasp... some of each? history can have little a complexity, as a treat

SOMEONE wouldn't get out of the way so I could make my bed, so now guess who's become bed

Academic conferences and publishing are huge scams that exploit unpaid labour of students and professors seeking stable employment and tenure.

This could be changed, one thing would be to pay the football coach a reasonable amount of money and use the $1 million from his salary to host conferences and pay for publication.

Yes, that is a very US-centric solution, but I am pissed off at a US school at the moment

My first batch of archival boxes are upstairs in the archives so I just gotta go to one more meeting and then I can spend the rest of the day looking at glorious marketing material?

I would rather be home reading Albert Woodfox's SOLITARY, which seems like a much more appropriate thing to do for this holiday.

Columbus Library data breach wasn't actually caused by a phishing link if you read it but by a phishing email and someone emailed everybody's W-2 to a person posing as the director.

Our phishing emails supposedly from the director have been more along the lines of "I need an iTunes gift card now and will pay you back asap

Well, I Freudian Slipped the American Archivist as a "Flagshit" journal and didn't notice for an hour, so that's my morning.

I mean. Is my subconscious wrong?

I never liked the DS9 ep โ€œWhispersโ€ much because it felt like my worst nightmares. BUT THEN I REALIZED ITโ€™S A TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODE.

Tech security reminder: your typewriter ribbon is a keystroke logger.

Wanted: a Canadian librarian to give a keynote on digitization and metadata. Maybe my friends can recommend some good candidates?

/cc @anna @ashley @sabrams

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