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The reason why Gen X is irrelevant is because millennials had the internet early enough to subsume all of Gen X’s cultural capital and knowledge

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Email: [team] have been preparing, documenting, and troubleshooting a virtual project; we've been calling it "The Extra Most Bestest Super-Happy Fun Time Project," but a more accurate name might be, "Adding Bounding Box Coordinates to Cartographic Records in OCLC and the CAT."

Kind of random fun thing our maps team shared (from the American Geographical Society Library) -- compass rose designs on digitized maps:

Everything from corporations to Soviets!

I'm going to be streaming Dishonored 2, attempting to go full Ghost, prioritizing no-detections anywhere in the game:

(some voice)

ffs, I'm amazed that so many people can't accept that Elon Musk is basically just a grandstanding tech bro who wants his name associated with solving all the problems.

It's ego and marketing, not a strong desire to help.

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jeff bezos quoted as saying, β€œdeath for the death god”

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