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If he does go to the other place we WILL still be smooching his druggy little noggin

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Surgery is done. He’s come out of it a little but they just gave him more strong meds. Looking at transferring him to a local animal hospital for overnight care (briefly discussed but hadn’t gone into details before).

The vet said he’d be in a lot of pain tonight and it could be helpful to have people with more pain management options to care for him. Less stress on us to identify a crisis

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Just made myself this jumpsuit last night and this morning, then made Sterling a matching t-shirt without a right arm. Now I am crashing thanks to meds, which -- it's a nice comfy jumpsuit, so that worked out well.

Not a perfect run but I know how to make one if I want another.

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@wlonk this was my parents' approach! We did stockings so we could have stocking-type presents but it was always "It's a family tradition to give small gifts in stockings! Some people pretend a magical guy named Santa does this and we don't ruin the game for them."

A piece of advise that I often see missing in software process conversations is the need of the development team to become knowledgeable on the problem domain. The quality of the communication between devs and domain experts increases exponentially when we understand each other.

@Anke we were told from a young age!! I managed not to tell people but I wasn’t ever incited I guess.

This has lived rent-free in my head since I saw it. Do some of y’all live in places where there just aren’t ticks? Because we have some of the highest rates of Lyme

I really really really needed to laugh-scream today, so if it weren't that she's gonna get a talking to about how we treat other people's rituals politely ... I'd be like "thanks, kid, auntie needed that one bad"

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just got the call that he's going back for surgery now -- the vet is generally positive though he'll be getting painkillers to get through a few hard days up front.

I made him a one-armed t-shirt that matches a jumpsuit I just made for me. First draft, so I'll iterate as needed.

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@platypus ooooh someone in the thread stated sisko is more like moses, and i can see that


> “Star Trek is woke now”

> the main characters of Deep Space Nine include Black Jesus, Bisexual Terrorist, Trans Worm, Doctor Twink with his boyfriend Fashion Lizard, Traumatized Goo, Communist Himbo, and Pro-Union Irishman

So we dropped him off at the animal hospital at 8 for surgery. He was a bit grumpy because he a) dislikes the donut, b) didn't get his morning carrot.

But he was hydrated and exercised.

This will be the hardest part before he's sedated---being in one of their crates.

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Doctor gave me a few lorazepam to help me get through the next day with puppy surgery. Taking one now and hoping it helps me sleep ok.

@Cyborgneticz also reminder that the baddies can, will, do, and have created and promoted fake resources to lure people looking for an abortion in order to distract or stop them

(and the people responsible have *no* reservations or affordances whatsoever that normal people have about lying when it comes to this sort of thing)

Friends. Romans. People.

Reminder to always verify your information and don't post lists of doctors who provide services around reproductive care if it has not been verified by someone you trust.

It just hit me that busts and paintings and such had a very real function in a world without mass media where the vast majority of the populace didn't even know what the emperor or king looked like

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