@platypus never speak to my house or my house's son or my house's son's son or my house's son's son's son or my

Today's our first day of bargaining

Can I get a fuck yeah unions in the chat???

Make it so uBlock origin and Privacy Badger don't break your appointment scheduling site challenge 2021.

(CIA agent feeling the pangs of a guilty conscious) Uh hello boss? I'm being attacked.. yeah some kinda invisible microwave.. yeah on the brains

@lawremipsum "sistine chapel net worth"
"sistine chapel wife"
"sistine chapel feet"

Things I didn't say in the Teams chat when a coworker said "Operation Hillbilly Elegy sounds like a cool special ops mission haha"

"Yeah it's a mission to pants J.D. Vance"

this toot is for @TeamMidwest in particular

Well my Twitter account just got locked for saying:

"All men must die

MARC is no man."

I'm grumpy so I'm trying to appeal it but explaining in 240 characters or less that it's a reference to a 19-year-old article about an esoteric data standard + to Eowyn's famous Lord of the Rings line?

Also ... don't flag for misandry you absolute cowards. (technically they didn't call it misandry)

for a business site, the Forbes piece is a good one. And since they print Blizzard's reply in full and I was having my phone read it to me with text-to-speech I was just letting it go on through the Blizzard response... so major content warnings for descriptions of misogyny, sexual harassment, racism, suicide, AND lawyers' dismissals of same.


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Oh wow I read the Blizzard statement and I didn’t know I could get this level of full-on Banshee screaming but here we are. I want to do things to the people who wrote this which can only be acted out in a video game.

@InternetEh it's really not anti-establishment at all to be a white guy in the US and want to do whatever the fuck you want with 0 responsibility hanging over your head.

sometimes midway through a presentation by a European or something I am floored to imagine trying to give one of my presentations in, say, French. It is a fucking privilege to be born into the comparative-academic "Latin" hegemonic culture of one's day.

(I mean I could probably pull it off in French but not well unless I put in more time and it would be a brain challenge)

Archivists get better class politics and/or learn how to do quantitative data analysis beyond surveys challenge 2021

"Google Hangouts are now Google Chat"

1) GodDAMMIT, 2) ok good I never stopped calling it that

3) "let us give you a tour and tell you what Google Chat does" Google, I am 35 years old, this isn't my first trip around the sun, I've used Google Chat before

(I know it's set up a little different but REALLY)

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