paper mario is fucking terrifying to me. imagine someone tells you that you can turn a new way and suddenly you can perceive an additional dimension of space. all of mario's dialogue should be screaming.

apologies for the delay..... but autumn witch is here! πŸ‚

18 pages include 5 illustrations, tips, basic info, and a couple 3-card tarot spreads.

download for free/pay what you want on my gumroad now! πŸ–€

Currently weighing cost-benefit analysis of whether I'd rather live in a time I'm likely to die in childbirth or when the military industrial complex can point a beam and identify me by my heartbeat and breathing...

(that said, if the world falls apart/changes dramatically, at least this stuff goes the heck away)

us military neg, guns, gun violence 

canpol / politics 

more of a luddite syndicalist, really.

Imo the worst thing about Myers-Briggs is that it posits that "thinking" and "feeling" are opposites

them -- what is your name and OCLC symbol "Ruth Tillman and I haven't finished my coffee so I'm gonna say UPM but PsT? crap no that's MARC"

one of the weirdest things about american culture is that it is obsessed with an ostensible notion of personal responsibility but is utterly hostile to holding men accountable for taking advantage of others

more copoganda 

oh no I started reading some of their copoganda... 

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