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This thread is to decide what should' hero image 💪😎 be? Hero image can also be our favicon and patreon's profile pic. Discuss.


If you're interested in open media, open standards, digital audiovisual preservation, then you might want to check out the livestream of No Time to Wait 3: Rough Consensus and Running Archives symposium happening right now.

More info at

Catch the livestream at

Digitization is the not panacea though.

"Why isn't library science in Brazil at a place where digitizing existing materials is as important as going out and collecting stuff?”

Whoa, This is FUN! Must-try for those doing advocacy

NEW GAME! Why do groups of people act smart, dumb, kind, cruel? An interactive guide to networks & humans:

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source tweet:

“The movies we collect are intimate, first-hand visual records of work and play, of traditions and spontaneous acts…and they activate memories, crucial knowledge and expertise that too often goes unrecognized.”

Love articles like this where it let us take a peek at the behind the scenes processes.

"Developing a Membership Model, or: How to review everything you've ever done and who you talked to along the way" via @nuzzel

Hey fediverse and beyond, anyone knows any good way to archive and display WhatsApp messages?

If there's a moral to the story it is look after those backups – and the systems needed to run them. You never know when they might be needed.

NASA dusts off FORTRAN manual, revives 20-year-old data on Ganymede • The Register - The Register via @nuzzel

I would say it's similar in the other GLAMMR professions...

On the Mass Extinction of Museum Professionals & Why Trustees Should be Worried - Medium via @nuzzel

This is so so so exciting! Optical-Strokes-Recognition?

"Artificial Intelligence Is Opening the Vatican Secret Archives - The Atlantic" via

“This is the earliest moving image of an orchestra where you can hear them play.”

Was looking for an awesome list for audiovisual archiving and re-discover this treasure trove 😍

Trove as a platform for digital research and creativity: Slides

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Hey, all! The deadline for submissions for the Museum Computer Network's Nov. conference is Monday!

The deadline for scholarship applications is also Monday:

Are You Really Facebook's Product? - Slate via @nuzzel

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We, you and I, have a chance to fix this. We, you and I, can rebuild and repair.

We can:
- Make user friendly (not user hostile) devices and software
- Write documentation
- Refuse to buy tech that *we* can render safe to use, but that the average user can't
- Support people that do things correctly financially whenever possible.

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In today's cataloging questions: If the package for a software item is missing the disks and only includes manuals should it be cataloged as text instead?

Most say yes, but I'm not so sure since I don't know how researchers search (or would search) for software manuals in our collection.

Call for presentations - National Digital Forum (NZ)

How can we work collaboratively and effectively with people outside the sector?

How does our sector work with educators and students in the digital realm? How should it?

How can we share experiences of things not going well and learn from our mistakes?

How can we embrace new modes of research?

How can we share the work we’re doing to make a tangible impact in our communities?

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