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your capitalization of the word "cloud" does not inspire confidence, library technology company.

I'm very excited that my new committee uses sharepoint to make sure it is nearly impossible for us to work with the wide variety of documents needed to do our work.

Always nice to be welcomed home by a beloved family member

Hey friends! A former student of Atenea's came out and is no longer feeling safe about going home. He's undergraduate aged and needs a queer-friendly place to stay in Philly or New York from December 22nd until Jan 1st. Any one got leads?

my boss is cleaning the supply closet and I am very very jealous

We’re seeking participants for a forum on labor practices in LAM positions created through grant funding. Worked in one of these positions? Interested? Get more info and apply to participate (travel funded) here or share w/colleagues:

Talk to me or Sandy Rodriguez for more information about the project! Or check out the forum website:

throw back thursday to that time my coworker told me that the reason our gender neutral restroom is gender neutral is because they built the urinal too close to the toilet and couldn't put up a wall so they just threw that sign on there and nobody cares at all not even a little

writing this presentation:
✔ lofi hip hop beats to write to
✔ my awesome draft outline
✔ my co-presenter's awesome slide deck
✔ my bullet point list of random stuff I want to say
✔ totally blank page
✔ vacant stare

Good morning everyone! Time for that hot caffeine bean soup ☕️

my meeting with the faculty about the new journal went SUPER GOOD, everything is coming up milhouse

just a reminder that when I wrote"I can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say" in a draft, my copresenter commented on it with "I like you, but you would never say this."

faculty member: so we are thinking about making a journal, what are the steps.
me: well, it's really very simple, *drops ream of paper, emails 35 links*

I want to do an affordable course materials / textbook expenses thing at our library Halloween open house. ideas???

Awesome thing #2: Charleston Conference Neapolitan Session, "'They didn't teach this in library school': identifying core knowledges for beginning acquisitions librarians", November 7.

omg I'm so proud of my scholarship situation right now. I'm about to do two really awesome things. I feel like they will both open doors, and they are both places I want to go. It just feels so good, and I did it with my buds.

today, if I get done with my scholarship to-dos, I get to:
carefully look at the course catalogs and check some stuff against our IR, and then, set up a scholcomm benchmarking survey for peer institutions

if I unfollow you here it's because you're too cool for work hours

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