Oh hey, one of my colleagues just got one of MPOW's big staff awards! How cool.

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Wish I'd been fast enough to grab a screenshot of the CFAD dean's jacket. It's really fabulous! Mostly black and white with some lime green, and mostly geometric with some squiggles. Hopefully she'll be on screen again later.

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Faculty/staff convocation today. So glad they started streaming this even before the pandemic--the room in which it's held is really echo-y and loud. Watching online is the only way I can attend.

WFH this morning so seemed like a good time to use the new mug from my brother's family.

And there's no item policy on them (which would override the location-based fulfillment rule).


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Three locations. All attached to the same fulfillment rule.

Items in two of the locations loan for the correct amount of time.

Items in the third location do not.


Professionally, I have a lot of respect for my local public library's acquisitions folks, who routinely serve up requests on Mondays. Pretty much clockwork, really. Ebooks and audio. No matter when I requested it the previous week, on Monday they say "Here ya go!"

Personally, it's more like : EEEEEEE! [BOOK] IS HERE!!! Whhhhy can't I go home now and reeeeead?!?!

Of course the EDI I fixed right before vacation broke during it. Of course.

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holding space for the stories of the pandemic, boosts appreciated 

For those of us who cannot simply go "back to normal" in the age of the pandemic...this is from a friend, they would like your story, if you've the time and energy to tell it.


Please spread this wherever it seems like there is need.

And once I'm done reorganizing them, I'll back them up!

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This is like the spreadsheet side of "librarian face" (where people randomly ask you for directions and other info even when you're in a town you've never been to before).

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Reorganizing my ebook files while on vacation. Because librarian.

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Juvenile Mississippi kite launching from a branch

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Slightly good news, for a change. The Horniman Museum in London is to return 72 artefacts stolen in 1897 after razing the enire Kingdom of Benin at the request of the Nigerian National Commission for Museums and Monuments bbc.com/news/uk-england-london including 12 of the Bronzes

Good. Now return the remaining 37, plus the 327 at the Pitt Rivers Museum and the 700 at the British Museum, and make full repayments. These are not our things to keep and gawk at, this is not a legacy we get to have pride in

There's just something immensley satisfying about running a user purge.

My brain is utterly done with this week and would like to be on vacation already. Unfortunately, there are things that must be completed before the work day ends. 🍵 🍫 🍵 🍫

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Egret catching breakfast yesterday.

Description: sequence of three photos showing an egret stalking and catching a small fish

Tweaked my wrist while putting on hand lotion. Welp.

Pretty sure I used up all today's brain allotment yesterday.

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