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people who accession/image/otherwise manage internal hard drives: do you label directly on them with permanent marker, or do you put a sticker label on them? or something else?

i was asked to do something web archiving related + labor-intensive (hours + hours of work + travel i'd have to pay for out of pocket) and i said unless you pay me, my answer is no and i feel πŸ’ͺ

Sometimes I think about the job I had before this one and I'm like, Wait, what?

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Do not be the (male) presenter who apologizes several times during a presentation for cutting into the following (female) presenter's time.

Be her co-presenter, a dude who said "I know I'll ramble so I will be reading my part of the presentation." πŸ™

i stepped on a tiny piece of glass in the kitchen, like, three weeks ago and the heel of my left foot still hurts to the extreme? i emailed my doctor, but, like, what can she do other than look at it?

here it is! the ivy plus libraries global webcomics web archive: (ps, you can nominate your favorite webcomic for inclusion here:

our webcomic collection launches monday morning! πŸ—―

no saa for me this year ($$), but i'll be at the archive-it partner meeting the tuesday before!

iipc presentation accepted πŸ’ƒ

just realized β€” almost exactly one year later β€” that i stole a copy of 'oral history and the law' from my old job

work travel tuesday and wednesday, working from home thursday, and taking a i'm-burnt-the-hell-out vacation day on friday, during which i plan to sleep until noon, eat lunch, and then take a nap πŸ’€ πŸ’«


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