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Trying to wrap my head around snapshots and rollbacks hurts my brain. ๐Ÿค•

So not looking forward to my *required* research methods class this semester. :/

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Does anyone else think political correctness has gone mad?

Personally, i think if books are going to put the work "Fuck" in their titles, the need to put the work fuck in their titles or just not put the word fuck in their titles.

Need to buy a laptop storage/charge cart but these all seem to be overly-shite made and overly-shite priced.

I wish, wish, wish there was an open source version of MarcEdit. Any peeps out there listening?

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Reverse proxies are a concept I don't think I'll ever understand. Any good general site that explains how these are used?

@ruth saw this mentioned on Reddit and thought you might find it useful.

Using pulseaudio with the of worked for my video capture! I did have to manually allow ffmpeg to connect to the video capture device (maybe should be the default?) but it worked great after that! Back in business. Thanks @Wimpress @sergiusens and @popey for

Can anyone give me some advice on granting access to hardware using ? I'm trying to capture video using an easycap clone. I've given the snap access to but ffmpeg still complains that it can't access hw:2,0 . Any ideas?

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Male presenting-mr.whipples

You down with CBT?
Nah, you know me.

Skinner is too much with us
Ringing and salivating
We lay waste our powers

Trying to decide how to create a default state for patrons on the forthcoming laptop computer lab. _Damn_ tempted to stock each laptop with 2 SSDs and have the home partition be a dataset. How cool would it be for patrons working on a multiday project to be able to export a snapshot of their home folder to a storage server when they're done for the day, and then re-import it upon returning?

Well, I can definitely say that this works.

It only took a couple of tries to find one, so not bad.

Time to start building that stripe of mirrors in . :)

I sure hope comes out with a rom for my ๐Ÿคž

Anyone have any suggestions for an -e controller card that works well with ?