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I love this podcast episode. Especially around 37 minutes in
Jack Kornfield - Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Jack Kornfield is a bestselling American author and teacher in the vipassana movement in American Theravada Buddhism. This episode is a wonderful palate cleanser if you've been drinking too much news.

Had the thought this morning as I arrived to work and found corn "decorating" our front steps that the great tragedy of the is the land was beautiful in spite of the , _not_ because of it. Really seems like people venerate our way too much.

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“Google exposed data for hundreds of thousands of users.
The company also didn’t tell users about the exposure.”

G+ is being sunsetted because it costs too much to secure it

I would definitely rather have a crown put on a tooth than to make a powerpoint presentation.

@art Just came across your video on peertube. Like the looks of your desktop. Which distro and launcher are you using?

my boss told me our team will be allowed to unionize if this gets more than 40 boosts

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So #fediverse, is there a convenient way to add people to lists when you see them while you're scrolling through your feed? (I'm using mastalab) I'm trying to organize my people a little so I can start doing things like make suggestions on #FollowFriday and keep slightly better tabs on some of the people I follow who don't post as frequently. I'm not great at remembering people's handles enough to type them in myself when I'm trying to make a list.

I never knew that I could hit 'v' while in less and invoke my default editor. Gotta love those typos!

Just remembered a video game I loved around 2004ish. It was a FPS where you had some kind of jetpack and you could hop around. When the landscape was hilly you could hit the hills just right and project yourself higher. I think it was called #legends ??? Anyone else remember it? #Linux #games

Oh man, nothing makes you not mind be awake at 3am like when your sick baby falls asleep on your chest.

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Holy schmoly I'm really enjoying using

I might set up an instance of my own at home (I wonder how one would go down in the library). Anyone using a private instance in their library?

I feel depressed like the powers that be are starting to kill the internet. /: It's happened before