Everyone cites Jean Paul Satre as having said "To believe is to know you believe, and to know you believe is not to believe." But no one cites their source! :/

What's the deal with quotations sites that don't cite the source of the quotation?

Having mostly exhausted our supply of rose milkweed, I moved our two big boys on the the common milkweed last night. Was a little worried that they would like it as much. But that fear seems to be ungrounded. Pictures even include some rarely (at least in my experience) seen poop !

Coming out the other side of ILS transition shock. Can't wait to be done with in December, so I can think about stuff.

Thinking about today:
Using a snap of on to have a custom browser profile and icon specifically for

Dreaming of the day when KDE connect works via bluetooth.

How does one report bugs for the beta version of ?

@popey , Can you offer any tips on how to run snaps from a virtual desktop (vncserver). I keep getting "cannot connect to display :1" errors. Thanks.

OMFG I just fell in ~LOVE~ with the /etc/skel directory :)

whining about my mlis degree program 


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Turns out I should have tried a simpler solution first. My TBC was actually making the video worse! Taking the TBC out of the loop got rid of the flagging at the top of the video. Lesson learned! #digipres

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Using an clicker eraser and James P. Carse's book "Finite and Infinite Games" to hold the eraser in place in order to manually adjust the backtension on a vhs tape while I digitize it.

#what_ever_works #digipres #vhs #backtension

I'm really struggling with this research methods class because I just can take it seriously.

"Are we doing what is just, or what is just convenient: ethics for librarians in our technological age"

possible research topic?

"Separating the wheat from the hype: Offering tech services that matter in public libraries"

possible research topic?

Just got the book "Better work together" in the mail today for my . Super excited about it! Looks like a great book on how to do and differently.


Any recommendations for a high quality film scanner? 8mm and/or 35mm @dsalo

An off-the-wall question: I would love to find a North American (specifically midwestern) analog to palo santo. I've loving the interaction between scent and spirituality, but I feel like I'm using someone else's incarnation of the holy. On a more practical level, I'd love to just grow this (whatever it is) myself on my own land a develop more of a relationship with it. 

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