@Wimpy Just testing out Ubuntu 20.04. Looking great!

I notice that if you choose to install with zfs, then the user created during install gets their home folder in their own dataset, but users created after install do not.

Any plans to make all users created get their own dataset in the future?

Trying to test out 20.04 desktop but when I install it as a with I can't get past the login screen using X. Anyone else experiencing this? I can login using Wayland, but I'd like to run it as I'll run it on my machine and I've got nvidia cards so...

Stupid question time:

What are some typical job titles for the person who does the digitizing in archives? I'm finding it fascinating and might want to educate myself on it more.

One final update: If you're into stuff that's a little out there, but would like to listen to some smart people discussing it. The podcast Weird Studies is what you've been waiting for.

Also thinking about giving up on Moby Dick. This might make me sound too soft, but the detailed descriptions of the whales dying are getting to me and it's just a little too depressing considering the state of the world these days.

Thinking about listening to Stephen Jenkinson's latest book Come of Age for the third time. Amazing stuff in there.


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