Okay guys, that goose is going to fuck you up, I know you don't believe me

citing the uncertainty of their chosen vocation,

who relied on the income

of partners they otherwise regarded

as their equals,

who vented to me

outside the hotel

before leaving

the conference

she used

her vacation time

to attend,

as the illusion

of equality

among colleagues


with the last

plenary session.

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Just came across Rebecca Goldman's 2010 "Post-SAA Howl" which remains unfortunately incredibly relevant:

I saw the new archivists of my generation

destroyed by burnout,

starving desperate unemployed,

dragging themselves to internships

where they worked for nothing but the promise of โ€œgood work experience,โ€

idealistic scholars accumulating debt

for a degree that guaranteed nothing,

who delayed plans for houses,

and marriages,

and children,

rage against the machine / trump 

This got me watching old RAtM music videos and their 2000 one on the stock exchange has a guy in the crowd with a "Trump for President, 2000" sign and it was like "NOPE TOO REAL"

the video remains quite good in that they got the NYSE to shut down for 2 hours while filming it.

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People who don't pay attention shocked once again that Rage Against the Machine would say something POLITICAL.

@Cyborgneticz yeah, I do not know if I can get coherent coherent coherent writing done but I am working through my coded data and my notes from the data and my notes from the lit review and putting things into the draft like "in this subsection, address X & Y, here are some appropriate quotes, refine these bullet points more, etc."

@Cyborgneticz feeling this today. I really want to use a vacation day. Iโ€™m exhausted by the moving etc (and the landlord is showing the house today so last night was cleaning). But today is blocked entirely for my article, so Iโ€™d be taking time away from myself ๐Ÿ˜ž (though Iโ€™m taking extra breaks because of everything and some progress is better than none)

me (sobbing and frantically typing on a computer while dirty clothes and dishes are scattered all around me): "this information.... its imperfectly organized... its imperfect!!! i have to fix it!!!"

"At one point Caslen congratulated the graduates of the University of California, instead of South Carolina."

I literally did this in my high school graduation speech and it was hilarious/terrifying.

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