I Got My Hairs Cut

first cut in 18 months. Holy heck! The before and ponytail pics have no ec, I'll post the after photo separately.

While picking I found this picture if my husband being incredibly good looking but likeβ€”20 years ago?? He was BABY.

Image hidden is a black and white pic of a white man with sideburns and red hair making wistful eye contact.

Dog is back from the vet, not yet sure what the issue is but it's not one of the serious things, so that's good.


I found this vintage top a couple years ago. I finished quilting it last Feb and forgot about it for a YEAR+ because of everything. I found it last night and bound it and now it's done. What a wonderful surprise!

I'm also fascinated by how the two black fabrics used in the quilt faded differently.

Working more through a lit review and this table
(Xu & Chen, 2001) really says so much. Compares what (academic library) directors think systems librarians should study in library school vs. what systems librarians think they should study in library school:

Americana quilt 

My friend made this quilt in 1994 for someone with an Americana decor style. She never finished it, stopping her quilting after 1 house. I just finished it by doing the 8 others and border, also by hand, after a whole pandemic of stop-start because of pandemic.

Thinking about design and systems design and going into a very old software to do a screenshot reminds me of this amazing cross stitch I made myself...

Working on a PowerPoint (using a local template for tech updates) and the Windows "Design Ideas" on the sidebar are giving off real "design is my passion" energy.

related/unrelated I was following a citation trail and got "BofA Securities..." ... ... thanks, mastodon, for ruining me

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