Hey , , ... the GLAMMrus (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Memory Institutions, and Records Managers) instance is open to registration and tooting! we are!

More about us here:

We really want to welcome all kinds of folks working in this general area for professional and ordinary convos! Public, academic, big, small... students, techy types, reference wizes, circ workers come on over!

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@platypus i feel like i should make a Professional account on here that I can link to hehe guh idk i'm so bad at managing multiple palces

@shel I would love to see you talking about stuff over here!! ^_^ but I mean I had professional and personal birbsite accounts allll teh way through library school and even now tbh and it's weird to manage. Still, you can watch the timeilines and ping us if you have questions!

@platypus I'm just afraid that because I'm a mastodon celebrity it'll be rly easy to intuit that we're the same person and be an avenue for k'/1'/vv/1'//f'//4'//r'//m'//'/'/s types to affect my professional life through my web presence as this like weird furry radical activist.

i mean it doesn't help that a lot of librarians already follow me on this account and will easily figure out that it's the same person and bam now my Networking is aware of this side of my life lol

Nice. Should I join if I just do some digital archivism as a hobby, have no interest in pursuing it as a profession?

@0xf00fc7c8 Ooh that's a good question. That might be a better fit with Because folks there do have various convos about specific stuff and literally everyone who does that kind of work has fun passion projects (for better or worse in terms of boundaries) and then posts about those too. You would probably enjoy what @misty does, for example.

@platypus @0xf00fc7c8 I feel like I'm in a bit of weird state now myself, since I used to work in archives but don't anymore! Hard to tell where I do or don't belong.

@0xf00fc7c8 @platypus does feel like it's been quite open to amateur digital preservation activities.

@platypus I've wanted to chat with people who are excited about taxonomies and cataloging so I can better understand how to present the tens of thousands of webcomics my web site indexes, and millions of works of original writing and fanfiction hosted around the web as well. Is that on-topic for your instance?

@platypus @jamey sounds like a perfect fit! Haha hop on the ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ’พ train!

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