Basically no one came to the park today because of the weather, so perfect time for a project on content that’s normally widely used by staff during the day. Standardizing the file naming on our 12,000+ item historic photos collection, in preparation of finally ingesting into DSpace πŸ’«

@elizabeengland πŸ™Œ wooooo! Also I absolutely have a file named πŸ˜„ in fact, ... It looks very much the same


@elizabeengland Is yours pretty much just set up to work with whatever kind of filename listing you give it with two columns, etc?

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@platypus yeah, exactly. Used an earlier script to extract the file names, write them to csv & create a second column that prepends the collection #, keeps the item ids, and removes the semantic description. Then put that csv into

@elizabeengland that’s awesome. I would use various methods like an ls -1 in bash followed by a regex in a text editor to create the second column or all kinds of wildness

@platypus that's my natural inclination too (OpenRefine forever and always!) but I have a patient colleague who is helping me see how I can get the same end results through Python, which this data just happened to lend itself well to because it followed only one consistent pattern

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