So my librarian brain is up and running on this. I think it would be useful to:
-Bring over a small cohort of interested folks
-Work out some more FAQs and tips
-Host a signup day/event where hosts are guaranteed to be around practicing welcomes, answering questions, encouraging DMs, talking abt some of the cross-site stuff, practicing hashtags, etc.

Applying our own practices, for better or worse, and seeing how that works on ourselves.

@platypus I feel like would be a natural place to recruit people over into this space for folks who are still active(ish) on the bird site

@platypus Iove these ideas! I'm just thinking should we have a Loomio, Bootcamp or Discourse so that we can better keep track and discuss these things. Or shall we just wing it and discuss it all on 🦄🦒🦒🍍💪😎

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