please, I need an example of a quasi-cringe/quasi-earnest self-published author's website with kind of old school design, etc.

Boosts welcome.

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(I have an example that I can't share for reason so I need something parallel)

@platypus RMS's site is definitely elder-school.

Chris Crawford's site is also one that springs to mind:

@platypus Yeah, its like words decided to have an orgy and didn't care about the mess.

@platypus Yeah, there's actual structure there. I wish I could help him figure out an RSS feed for it but the software he's using is unsupported and practically bespoke.

@platypus he wasn't always self-published, so maybe not quite the energy you're looking for, but I enjoy

It's no longer online, but if a wayback machine link is okay, ulillillia self-published a couple books and his website was incredible

@platypus I don't know about the self-published or cringe parts, but Lois McMaster Bujold's website is incredible:

@ryan aww, memories of my mom, a massive Bujold fan (I’ve read most of the Votkosigan saga books and got LMB to sign one)

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