Good afternoon! We've had an exception made to our hiring freeze for the Electronic Resources Librarian position, so if that's your jam--please join us!

I'm on the search committee & can therefore answer limited questions!

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We haven't had someone in that specific position in the 5 years I've been here, but we have a phenomenal staff team who manage our e-resources. All the day-to-day stuff is getting done and, IMO, done well

We have over 20 campuses and over 30 "libraries" (branch, commonwealth, generic Pattee/Paterno library), all of whom should have equitable access to the materials we buy or license, so that's a thing you'll be ensuring!

We are not hiring remote for this position, but the person will almost certainly be able to work a hybrid schedule. I work a hybrid schedule. Most of the staff on their team are fully remote or hybrid.

lol it turns out I'm the search committee chair! that changed between when we first planned it and today.

@platypus Any idea on what it pays? There's nothing on the listing for it.

@socketwench without managing, it’s minimum 55,000 for almost no experience. I came here with about 3-5 years professional experience at 65,000. Because this position manages, the starting would be higher and 3-5 years may be closer to $70,000 or more, depending on experience… and I would push for around that level or more if the offer is lower.

@socketwench it could be hired at what are essentially two different grades, as it were. Other grade is much higher. But those ranges should still be published however our HR is BS because they say “well there’s so many factors“ instead of just saying “here’s the range and factors determine where you fit in it” 🙄

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