Just put up a copy of my / talk in YouTube with full captions + the text of most questions from the chat & timecoded links to the reply, so if you're not 100% sure about what I'm replying to, you can scroll down and find it!

is youtube ideal? Well, I've got the file and transcript so I can share elsewhere too, but this is a decent way to get it shared broadly.

it's intended for people who aren't library professionals, so if you ARE one and are interested in MARC, then... it'd probably be a decent low-barrier entry!!

TBH @platypus I have no issue thanks to youtube-dl, but have you considered uploading to a PeerTube (as well)? It’d be even easier to share and comment across fedi and makes no difference to views without an ActivityPub account.

@platypus this is EXACTLY what I'm after! I'm looking forward to watching this. Thank you! ❤️

@platypus @dsalo I really appreciate the work that’s gone into this - nice one!

@platypus Thank youuu. I missed it, so now I can make up for that.

@platypus I'm sad that I couldn't make this one live, but I'm excited to catch up on it later!

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