library "neutrality" 

The most generous construction I can put on the bullshit coming out of Nancy Pearl's mouth is that it's from a place of very specific fear:

fear that powerful haters will come bust up the library.

Thing is, that's already happening. Appeasement does not and will never fucking fix it.


library "neutrality" 

@dsalo They do not get, like many people do not get, what the goals of this group are and it infuriates me as someone who knows these people. Because I can tell them that they won’t be happy with “both sides“ they won’t be happy until they are in complete domination and would rather see it obliterated if they can’t dominate it

library "neutrality" 

@platypus but they're Nice White Ladies, who would ever come after them?!</sarcasm>

but basically fuck Nancy Pearl for telling me I need to listen to people who WANT ME DEAD for my ancestry and the religion I grew up in

fuck her sideways with a fucking chainsaw

library "neutrality" 

@dsalo do you happen to have a link to that terrible statement a few people put out a while ago about neutrality?

library "neutrality" 

@platypus ... not offhand. not sure I remember it? possibly I missed it.

library "neutrality" 

@platypus oh THAT one


I do remember that one

I was gonna say "the first place I look for Bad Takes is the OIF blog actually" and that's valid too

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