So this is both a PSA and it's redacted so something you could use for teaching ... any kind of info / communication /etc

This is NOT my result, this is a good friend's result that they were sharing on Twitter. Quest's COVID PCR test result layout is... really bad design, doubly-so to get when you're feeling sick. Like just... holy bad.

The poster is theCorodon on Twitter.

He adds

"'But Cory, surely you, a professional editor, are too smart to misread a form like that.'
Well I was pretty sick and tired when I got the email. (See above.)"

@platypus Wow. Were they trying to win the equivalent of a Golden Raspberry Award for bad design?

@platypus why is everything to do with the medical field's communications such an absolute clown show? it's almost like they're trolling us, it's so bad--like it can't be that bad by accident (I don't think they're trolling us, just saying)

@platypus Thanks for sharing this! My partner posted it to her company's UI Design Slack and it provoked at least one closer look on a COVID test… 😬

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