From MARCcold on birbsite:

"I do not want a smart home, I want a HOME OF FOOLS.

There's no point in my refrigerator getting ideas above its station.

Your job, refrigerator, is literally to chill. You are not a hopeful laptop waiting for its big break."

😂 😂

@platypus I don't want my networked light bulb getting any bright ideas. 😆


Living in an actual home of fools, I wholeheartedly recommend it. I occasionally remind the printers at work that we have a stairwell and that they are not made for bouncing. When all else fails I remind them access to the roof from the stairwell is one call to maintenance away.

@platypus smarthomes usually have smart everything. Smart fridge, smart toaster, smart speaker, smart doorbell, smart sink, smart toilet, the owner is usually even a smart ass!

@platypus I'll pass on the "smart home" idea until a truly WISE home emerges.

I don't want my refrigerator blindly ordering more of whatever I've used up. Nor do I want my scale assessing my weight and the circumference of my waist and telling the refrigerator not to order some things.

I'll wait until the three of us can have an intelligent chat about ordering a little more fresh produce and a little less ice cream, but not going to extremes on either.

Imagine having a job whose description is just "to chill".

I want to be a refrigerator.


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