If you didn’t know my mom was a linguist, my baby book would be confusing. Text in next post

Feb 5. Ruth’s first 3 word sentence: Fall down boom.

Feb 10. Ruth looked in a mirror and said “Ruth. See Ruth.” She also started adding a schwa after word-final voiced stops, including nasals.

this is just mom's normal handwriting, except when she did cursive... which was even MORE impeccable, but she wanted me to be able to read this when I was little

I love the idea that she wanted you to be able to read ə from a young age.

It's supposed to represent a "neutral" vowel sound, neither front nor back, neither open nor closed. In typical varieties of English, it occurs only in unstressed syllables, like the first vowel in "about", but in mine (New Zealand English), it's kind of merging with the vowel in "bit".

@platypus I will look up to this when trying for better handwriting.

@platypus oh, that is so cute!
I've briefly worked with linguists and it has rubbed off a tiny bit when I recorded some of our little one's progresses, too. :)

@platypus :blobcataww: the most adorbz! (Both your words and hers 💜)

@platypus That's so lovely. And scientific. And a bit frightening.

@platypus This is so cool. My film editing teacher in Uni had kept detailed notes on her child's development in visual perception (or at least, inferences about it) and it was fascinating to hear about.

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