A friend's partner suffered major injuries to her arms/legs after being hit (while riding her scooter) by a hit-and-run driver. Without the driver's insurance, medical bills + lost work time are adding up. Any bit helps. A GoFundMe organized by her daughter is here: gofundme.com/f/support-lanie-d

also gosh I am so so glad that a) she's out of the hospital after nearly a week and b) her helmet protected her head and c) her spine was ok because it was scary at first


@hafnia just so much- - like all her limbs are fucked up in one way or another but thank god her head/spine were ok so it's a long road back, esp from the compound fracture which will take 2 steps and she's gonna need ACL/rotator cuff surgery but ... her brain works ok, when her limbs are repaired she should have full use, and she at least has a local queer community doing things like bringing her food. But if they don't find the driver, no $$$

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