@platypus so they created a completely dysfunctional organization and decentralized it on the Blockchain? Innovative!

Anyways, I highly recommend this podcast episode if anyone wants a taste of the mad mad world of crypto and eth stuff in the form of an entertaining story:


@platypus "In our case, we paid a $75 gas fee to contribute roughly $75 to the project. Of the initial $200 we bought in ETH, $90 was eaten up in fees simply to donate to ConstitutionDAO."

The Future Of Finance™ is so efficient

@jkb @platypus

The blockchain is a castle built on air. But, like, really expensive air.

@platypus @jkb

High carbon metaphors for the planet destroying future

@celesteh @platypus @jkb

tl;dr: blockchain is a scam.

More precisely: blockchain is so incompetently deployed and managed that scammers have grabbed all of the levers of power.

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