Plowshares stories continue to delight: June 2, 1987 in the early morning, Katya Komisaruk walked through an unlocked gate leaving cookies and a bouquet of flowers for security guards and entered a satellite control facility named "NAVSTAR" at Vandenberg AFB, CA.

These systems will be able to provide navigational and guidance systems for the Trident II and other nuclear missiles.

Once inside, she used a hammer, crowbar and cordless electric drill to damage panels of an IBM mainframe computer and a satellite dish on top of the building.

Using a crowbar she removed the computer's chipboards and danced on them. On the walls she spray- painted "Nuremberg," "International Law," and statements for disarmament.

After being undetected for two hours, she left the base and hitchhiked to San Francisco. (!!!)


The next morning she held a press conference at the Federal Building in San Francisco to explain her action whereupon she was taken into custody by the FBI.

... like... the chutzpah

(I should note this person was not necessarily directly affiliated with Plowshares but her actions were similar)

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"You've heard of stochastic terrorism? Well, now there's stochastic disarmament!"

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