I'm trawling InternetOfShit Retweets right now so... I will be posting a few:

"self-driving cars will have to answer split-second ethical decisions, instantly calculating the worth of the lives of the people around them. can AI solve the trolley problem?"

self-driving cars in reality: i swerved onto the sidewalk because i thought the moon was a stop sign

technology / product placement / child sexual abuse mention 

"Just learned theres an apple+ tv show where all the characters use iphones except for one android user who is a pedophile"

"I'm not an oven software guy but, if I were, I would consider the "no more fire please" button to be a P0."

IoS RTd VR tech guy...

"We’re starting a small test of in-headset ads with a few developers in the coming weeks. We want to help developers generate revenue and help people find great experiences at better pricesβ€”this is a part of how we’ll create a healthy, self-sustaining platform for everyone."

my own thought: I'm so impressed that someone could make me less interested in VR

"the fun thing about low probability events is that they happen" - referring to a truck full of traffic lights

Facebook: "Julie, are you planning to go on a honeymoon? You said something in your post that made us think you might be getting married..."

"I am not cut out for this modern world, especially one where touchscreens have replaced the reliable technology of a β€œhandle” in bathroomsβ€”and where you can’t wash your hands because β€œinternal storage running out” means β€œapplications & system functions may not work well”"

I appreciate the smart shower which lets everyone set their own preferences and definitely would not lead to hijinks or hijacking...

(also the apparent amount of work to make the smart shower turn on... like when it's at it's best, it's fairly easy if a little complex but... I just pull out the lever, turn the angle I know I like -- etc voila!)



From a story about Prince Phillip:

β€œIn more recent years, I am told, he extolled the joys of his Kindle until, disgusted by all the direct marketing of books he didn’t want to read, he threw it in the bath.”

they bought him... a cheaper Kindle... with the ads.

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"my laundry machine uses gigabytes of traffic every day" is another one of those fun things we can say now that we live in The Futureβ„’

"Night drive in a 530e. Pressed the high beam assist button, but a message from the car essentially said "no, you need to buy the feature first on the ConnectedDrive store." BMW and Merc both keen to do this more in future, so this won't be the first time we'll see it... Electric light bulb"


"I cancelled our printer subscription and it blocked me from using the rest of the ink in the cartridge"


This also confirms why third party ODB2 scanners don't currently work with newer BMWs (BMW is making reverse engineering the protocols very difficult) - my cousin sold a VW, bought a G30 (3 series hybrid) and gave me his scanner as it didn't work on his new car (I've since used it to add new features to my 2015 VW Polo 6C and diagnose a faulty sensor, and saved at least Β£200 ($271) doing so.

(Tip: buy slightly older cars πŸ˜‰ )


Well, and when a cloud burns down in Seattle, Oregoners can't wash their clothes any more...

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