wild story about how today's college students don't have a mental model for computer directory systems or the concept of files


I know it's presenting as a new problem, but anyone who did desktop support has come across the mindset of folks who don't know about directory structure. It's why the corporate I interned at had a mandatory onboarding course that explained the corporate network and how the company drives were laid out. We had a similar thing at university when first years started.


@onepict @schlink I definitely know that like in the early-mid aughts, a big thing to teach adult computer learners in libraries was how not to save everything to Downloads or the Desktop and I would bet that's still a default habit for many

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@meena @platypus @onepict @schlink
i did small biz desktop support for years. oh, the stories. i recall one person who had a detailed folder structure built inside their Outlook (ms email client) Trash. They filed things carefully. In the trash. And were mad when the trash got auto-dumped one day.

And if you hear that story and your takeaway isn't wow what a terrible SOFTWARE DESIGN CHOICE then we are not the same

@meena @platypus @onepict @schlink *stares at all the linux shit that fills the homedir with inscrutable crap*

@June @platypus @onepict @schlink "all of my work is trash, that's why i put it there!"

makes perfect sense to me

@June @schlink @platypus @onepict @meena Yeah I once accessed a friend's mailboxes for consensual reasons, threw out one mail and emptied the trashcan and they screamed noooo I had a whole elaborate setup within the trashcan.

I don't know, maybe things weren't communicated clearly but seriously how complicated long-lasting structures do you build inside your physical trashcan in your physical office?

I'm not sure how more clearly one can communicate the ephemeral nature of something that could be cleared out at any moment than by calling it trash.

@clacke @schlink @onepict @meena again, it's a terrible software design choice, not the user's fault, that they are able to build complicated structures for storage inside the trash

@platypus @onepict @schlink I have a very advanced mental model of file systems and uhhhhh that's still my default :sniff_embarass:

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