Oh holy shit, these authors just drew a line between the moment-by-moment awareness/impermanence of mindfulness and its appeal to corporations who want us to internalize it so we don’t question their restructuring of workplaces with ever-increasing worker precarity. 😳

Book is THE WELLNESS SYNDROME by Cecerström and Spicer. I’m chasing THE HAPPINESS INDUSTRY by Davies. 2015 was a big year for this topic.

Davies (at least, maybe these guys too) notes that things like mindfulness aren’t inherently bad and can even bring specific reliefs to physical and mental pain BUT they’re used as tools of social (psychological) and physical control by employers, governments, and others who want to retain power.

I’m also in the middle of a denser book on the quantified self in the precarious workplace.

@platypus don't think about the larger patterns!!! Stay in the moment!!! (Sigh)

@takeonrules it's a book but a fairly short one -- The Wellness Syndrome. And then there's The Happiness Industry which complements it very well.

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