Every. single. university:

"We're transforming education for the 21st century and our new digital environment."


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@craigmaloney @platypus I'm a student and I hate this We're Coming Back In Person!! too, don't assume all students want to be back in person all the time

I loved having no commute and got a weighted mean grade of 82/100 so it's not even like online learning hampered me - I really hope there is some sort of digital option next semester, I'm worried what happens if there isn't

@ak @craigmaloney yeah, there was a lot from admins about how students want this but -- that was the loud students. I know for some people it really is important in learning but also there's so much more it offers and so much that we in libraries can do to support people in both contexts but/also online!

@platypus @craigmaloney our university's libraries are closed! with no guarantee of them reopening next semester! it's daft, because local covid rules are gone, there are no covid restrictions on libraries and the local town library is open as normal but uni's are still running in pandemic mode

I'm old enough to be cynical about the university and I sort of feel like getting rid of the physical libraries is a cutback under cover of covid, rather than a genuine safety measure

@platypus @craigmaloney I don't think there is any great value in large non-interactive in-person lectures where you travel to campus to listen to someone talk for an hour, they're done that way because they've always been done that way and it's Part Of Going To Uni

there should be a post covid rethink - more use of online content for that sort of stuff, and more use of the physical space for in-person collaborative and discussion and seminar sessions rather than lectures but what do i know

@platypus @ak I'm privy to one particular college's machinations and it's a particular brand of hubris that they're selling themselves. They feel they're the smartest folks in the area because they're going fully in-person. And, predictably, the numbers aren't bearing this out (save for the classes that are required). I'd like to think that folks can change when the data changes but they've made their bets and are absolutely sold that it's still going to work. Ridiculous.

@craigmaloney @platypus uni's (at least here) have spent the past 20 years building flashy campuses that look good in brochures and instagram shots - stylish young students posing in front of hyper modern glass structures, it's the Uni Experience, a glamorous lifestyle choice with beautiful people, rather than a learning space

I work for the uni (part time while still studying) from Monday but until Monday I can still say what I think about the administration :meowthinksmart:

@ak @craigmaloney our library is working to at least make sure people can get the materials they need even when the physical space was closed (which it's not now) as well as all the electronic options ... but I do know some places which are using it to shutter or reduce libraries /sigh

@platypus @craigmaloney we used to have amazing beautiful library spaces, one of them was open 24/7/365, even Christmas Day, another was a beautifully restored 1950s post-war modernist masterpiece with huge windows looking out onto a city park

now they're just all closed up, except for a few computers you can book, and there's no more browsing, I've had to use pirate library websites all year, I know they've quietly reduced staffing, and worryingly they haven't said what next year looks like

@craigmaloney @platypus I reckon a lot of it is institutions trying desperately to dodge the growing realization that they've become little more than accreditation factories; swinging hard back into in-person instruction brings back many of the layers of pageantry and misdirection that previously made that less obvious.

I'll admit that's a really cynical take, but it's hard to be *too* cynical when it comes to university/college administrations . . .


exactly! this is happening to me ... (even as university staff)

i think their revenue streams are tied to a certain amount of residential students, so that's the only reason i can attribute to this decision

or it could be a deep seated aversion to change of any type ...

or maybe just sheer hubris ...

what idiots!


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