as marccold shared on birbsite: even the Girl Scouts took "I will be cheerful" out of their pledge years ago

@neoncoughh library twitter is having an understandable field day.

But like -- just wowowowowowo

We have this terrible thing at my work

and I asked questions and learned it came about in response to two very abusive tenured librarians (one was eventually fired for striking a student worker). And I'm like -- you could do all this or you could just do basic disciplinary stuff?

@platypus this thing at your work is making me feel like I’m losing my mind

@neoncoughh it is absolutely the worst. Literally they could've/should've just told these people they had to stop being verbally abusive to others. Like basic behavioral standards.

@platypus ahhh hahahaha also some real missed opportunities to use some DOCUMERICA pictures of smog from the pre-Clean Air Act days

@platypus This makes me wonder who left.

(and also makes me wonder if they were pushed).

@platypus Wow they LITERALLY are asking for a Nice (White) Lady.

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