Dear Swedes -- this is the English translation of the 404 page from the Swedish National Library and I am so dang confused. What is happening?

(I am wondering if they are looking for a missing journal issue and just ??)

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@platypus It appears to me like they're just looking to fill a gap in their collection, and I applaud their tactics.

@platypus they’re basically going β€žoh, by the wayβ€œ and it’s super sneaky.

@platypus Looks like a case of broken English or something like that. "We also" doesn't refer to what you were looking for. It would sound more normal in Swedish language.

I feel it's like
"Sorry that we couldn't find the page you're looking for. Speaking of missing stuff. We're also searching for some missing journals. Have you by any chance seen this one and this one"

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