@platypus That was an amusing read. :D

But brokep forgets that parler had some of the best hackers on the left against them. Unlike TPB which was often loved by people on the left. It's my experience that hateful people are not very open-minded, thoughtful or introspective, things that make a technically competent person in any field.

@stemid I wish it always correlated that way but having a bunch of bright, passionate people on TPB and a bunch of bright, passionate people against the others helped I'm sure.

@platypus Of course there are exceptions, like open minded and manipulative people but I think then we're straying into psychopath territory.

@platypus i'm reminded of the old saying, if a cop gets shot you'll find them curled up bleeding out on the spot, a suspect gets shot you'll find them scaling a fence five blocks away an hour later

@platypus “The reason that Gab et al will fail is because they're just whining bitches that have only one ideology: egotism. Sharing is caring y'all.”


@patience @platypus “Of course we wouldn't [host Parler/Gab on our domain name registration service],” Kolmisoppi said. “We're pro human rights, which includes the right to not be killed by extreme right wing terrorists.”

@platypus glad for federated, decentralized platforms, even though generations today grow up on discord etc

@platypus the pirate bay is a list of links. That is less work to maintain and less infra to host than a social media platform.
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