TIL via a DeafBlind TikToker and confirmed via a DuckDuck search that, in an emergency situation, if you are with a (culturally!) DeafBlind person, drawing an X on their back or, barring that, palm, is a way to communicate "We have to get out of here, NO DISCUSSION."

Disability advocates often talk about the importance of not physically grabbing/moving people. Emergencies MAY be an exception but now you know a way to communicate instead!

Also always and ever for the record, a DeafBlind person, just like a Deaf person or a Blind person may not have 100% hearing or vision loss. Just enough to be disabled. e.g. a DeafBlind friend (though we've been less tight since I left DC 5 years ago, so... acquaintance? anyway) was blind in one eye, impaired in the other, and needed hearing aids to hear. Counts!

@platypus how universally is this recognized? Super curious about this kind of thing

@ace just boosted from a person who says this is part of Norwegian DeafBlind culture! So that seems widely, but I definitely put "culturally" in there because being part of the culture leads to shared stuff that someone who might understand some things but be outside it doesn't know.

@platypus thanks for sharing. I'm studying to be a SL interpreter so I'm gonna ask my teachers if this is a recognized signal in Sweden as well.

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