"i'm listening to my first grader's class talk about protecting the environment, and i want to kick the whole class apart.

how many decades have we spent telling kids we can "go green" by turning off the water when we brush our teeth?

fuck this. demand a green new deal.

what if, instead of writing a sentence that says, "I can help the planet by turning off the water!" these kids wrote letters to their representatives in congress??????" -- TwoLemonades on birbsite

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@platypus β€œI can help the planet by destroying capitalism.”


Kids could try demanding safe routes to school and streets hostile to car traffic.

@platypus I'm generally not a fan of the words "instead of".

And what can they do in groups?

Certainly I want to see government action, but I want to see more than government action!

@alcinnz We are wrapping up a server migration so I really don't have time/patience to humor this level of missing the point. I refer you back to paragraph 2.

I also refer you to every piece of info on who the biggest water consumers are.

But yes, we could teach them to destroy extractive corporations, governments, and the people who support them. Small action-oriented guerrilla groups could be mildly effective at some parts.

@platypus Yes, I do agree that the near-exclusive focus on encouraging individual action is a big problem!

That's why I boosted it to begin with.

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