Internet Archive is asking folks to upload their protest footage. But the guy doing so has also made their policy clear when asked.

β€œWhen anything goes on the archive it is instantly downloadable to the world. That's baked into the ethic and that's what we are.” -his tweet

That means no warrant needed. Independent white supremacist groups can get it too.

This is an incredibly irresponsible ask/policy. Only put up something you would hand-deliver to your local cops. So. I mean. Don’t.

(A friend did suggest one could upload footage and pics in which only police are visible as a way of documenting who did what harms. That would be responsible, if perhaps risky to you.)

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someone said "Woah woah, Jason Scott isn't a narc." -- he's not. He's completely ignoring or obtuse to the risks. He believes that an ethos of total capture and total openness is what's best. True neutral and lawful neutral people are great assets to evil.

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He's now pulled the suggestion along with screencaps of his tweets for the record + a cap of a DM he got, whining the people were mean to him by telling him he was doing some "real cop shit"...

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@packbat @platypus yep, only upload things you're prepared to be public forever to IA

@platypus as much as I love an IA dragfest, these arguments apply to any public archive. If the people's footage can't be stored in a public archive, then, in the end, only the government's narrative will survive, right?

@arxivfever there is a space between β€œsend us all your footage and we offer no protections” and β€œonly the government’s narrative will survive, right?” A vast space. As another friend said, we are responsible to each other beyond β€˜it’s free! use at your own risk!’

@arxivfever and yes, there is definitely risk in the same way that, for example, IRA-related materials were taken from Boston U. That doesn't mean one should be encouraging people to do the equivalent of handing their footage to every law enforcement agency and random white supremacist group

@platypus I'm not encouraging that either!

I guess the only other option is to privately stockpile and hope the next generation thinks of something better.

@arxivfever there are projects like Documenting the Now and WITNESS which work on this and practices and safety.

@platypus I was going to comment this LOL

Scott sure gave archivists a bad name right here

@platypus Has someone tried to explain the risks to him? Does he just not get it?

@kameleonidas a bunch of people did. Fortunately, he has pulled the tweets and the ask. This is not the first time one of these things has happened, but he's been more receptive than before.

@platypus Good to hear. Sometimes techgeeks are such airheads (speaking from experience as a techgeek).

@platypus Not trying to make light of the situation, btw. But some people can be completely oblivious to what are real obvious dangers to others until pointed out.

@kameleonidas yeah. If he didn't have this much responsibility and didn't sometimes sneer at archivists, it would be less frustrating. But I'm very glad he is reconsidering.

@platypus They also don't do "deleting", so uploading such videos is a big decision. Much respect to Jason Scott, but yeah, he ain't a demonstrations expert.

@platypus He always behaves so shittily to other people and really doesn’t like being made to think about the impact his actions have.

@platypus At the very least if you're going to do this blur out and strip any metadata and identifiable information. I get what they want and why they want it to be archived, but best options are keep them locally backed up only or if you're going to upload anything, make damn sure no one can be identified and the source is not traceable.

@platypus Tbh, between uploading to the Internet Archive or Twitter/Facebook there isn't much difference if the cops want to get the footage and go after the uploader.

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