So I’ve been reading more old library newsletter stuff today and here are some highlights! Threading unlocked.

From LCSH, acknowledgement that maybe family counseling isn’t just for β€œproblem families”

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Training on how to use windows. No, not Windows. The actual windows on your computer. Might still be helpful?!

DIALOG now only allows you 30 min to cancel a print commandβ€”instead of 2 hours.........

I got nothing

@platypus this means that if you put in a print request before, you'd have to wait a minimum of two hours for it to print...?

@sng it astounds me that we could even use the same system now and it would work. Like it looks so solid. No auto searching but for existing ILL requests...

@platypus I'm reminded of a commercial for a time/life book series on computers that I had recorded on a VHS with my MST3k episodes, which answers such questions as "Will these windows change my original document?" which is cemented in my brain from all the times I watched that tape.

@platypus Yes. I remember teaching my father how to click. And I'm not sure he has grasped, years later, that you can have multiple programs running at the same time.

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