@platypus and i first wondered why green walls are so spectactular, haha

@platypus Are they getting sunlight or is artificial light enough?

@JordiGH whatever lights shine specially on them work. One of the walls has been thriving for years! The others are new.

@platypus I love how they look like canvas but are actually alive

Holy shit maybe I can convince the new Dean to replace our gallery of old white men with a garden in Bobst!!! This is amazing!!!

@platypus these are really nice! Can you tell me more about where they came from? Are they real plants?

@M0YNG these are at the Penn State University Libraries. Definitely real plants! They get watered regularly, they have special lights inside, etc.

@platypus very cool. Thanks for the information, I'd like to try and make one myself ☺ 🌿

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