The Salvage Art Institute sounds really fascinating. Not only do they take β€œirredeemably” damaged art, they pledge NOT to let that art regain β€œvalue.”

trying to force value onto art is almost always something which benefits galleries, not artists, so I’m very pro that stance.

@platypus the anecdotes about how all of the secondary group involvement (the guards, the shipping companies) seem completely incapable of handling the idea that the not-art is not a valuable asset to be protected are particularly fascinating

@platypus the most interesting thing to me is that this is a somewhat groundbreaking idea for an art museum exhibit - for adults. For a children's exhibit, movable and interactable pieces is the norm.

@InspectorCaracal Yeah ... while with adults you're mostly only likely to get that kind of thing when maybe they're focused on accessibility or whatever.


@InspectorCaracal one thing I loved in Romania was an exhibit created with duplicates of real things so they'd done all kinds of creepy stuff to accentuate the gothic including bloody handprints on one painting. It felt very video game, very transgressive, very different.

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