Dispatches from working through my father's digital estate -- if you're in failing health (and/or just want to set up your estate), please set up a password manager and share the password in some place people handling your estate can get to it.

It's made a HUGE difference.

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@platypus My partner and I were just talking about that the other day. We are still working on getting all our passwords in one place, but we have most of them together and told each other where to find them.

And it's not just important if you are in failing health. Anyone can get hit by a bus.

@jessmahler yes, absolutely! I think most people should do it. I think for those who have a higher chance of dying sooner, though, it's practically mandatory if you want to be kind to the people you leave behind (AND have the spoons)

@platypus Yes! Also if you use passwords etc. for work-related stuff, make sure your boss or someone has that info, in case something happens.

@platypus There's for a guide to get that isht together, again assuming spoons.

@nethope fortunately my aunt went through allll the big stuff with him and he used a password manager for quite a few years. But yeah, that looks like a great tool.

@platypus One of my students recommended that to me when I didn't know where to start when my best friend's dad passed away (he called me his other daughter for ~30 years, and I stayed in the middle of it to help as I could).

@nethope that's an extraordinarily kind thing to do. I'm sorry, I know that must've been a loss for you too. I'm very grateful that our aunt has been so involved with his finances and accounts so we can do it as a team.

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