Some days I get annoyed at programs for being invasive. Other times I'm super glad that Excel remembered I was in line 7325 of this 20,000 line file where I'm reviewing everything we're thinking about weeding from the Zs because good lord I would be so lost.

(FWIW most of it is things like Biography and genealogy master index. from 1999 which is super unuseful unless you're in 1999)

or like a 1983 bibliography of Ursula Le Guin's works -- or maybe works about her? I am actually gonna go find out because that one intrigues me. But there's also been like 35 years of writing about her and even by her? since then.

Handbook of computer-aided composition / 1980

I'm really intrigued

Guide to America-Holy Land studies / 1980

i'm ... YIKES

Automation, machine-readable records, and archival administration : an annotated bibliography / 1980 ... I'm gonna go check this one out and put it in my office to avoid the weeders...

Memoirs of a dissident publisher / 1979 πŸ€” *goes to catalog*

Subject: Conservatism--United States.

nope nope nope (although I'm still curious?)

"We called each other comrade" : Charles H. Kerr & Company, radical publishers / 1997


Libraries for today and tomorrow : how do we pay for them? Who uses them? Who staffs them? What are their services? / 1976

that sounds like an existential crisis...

A handbook of American minorities / 1976

yeah let's get that off our shelves for sure...

Conscription : a select and annotated bibliography / 1976 OH AND HELLO

Mississippi State University abstracts of theses and dissertations. / 1973-74 oh bless that's a blast from the past.

(one reason I'm posting these is just sheer delight at what's in the Z section -- infoscience, publishing, bibliography, etc. -- but another is a reminder that back in the 70s, for example, if you wanted to know what theses & dissertations had been written? you might need this book!!!)

Handbook of pseudonyms and personal nicknames / 1972

I have questions.

Sale catalogues of libraries of eminent persons. / 1971

there's like 11 volumes but I really want it for my RPG writing, however I'd probably use it once if that... luckily 228 other libraries hold it too (bless our collections strategist for putting this amazing spreadsheet together)

Reading for success in college. / 1968

BLESS why do we still have this

Rage or raillery : the Swift manuscripts at the Huntington Library / 1967

Rage, the Huntingdon is extremely inaccessible. When I filled out a scanning account request, I would've had to get TWO subject specialists to vouch for me if I hadn't happened to be on a university's faculty. Just to order scans.

Stalin's works, an annotated bibliography / 1967


She found his essay ""Marxism and Problems of Linguistics" very interesting (she had a linguistics PhD and always bemoaned he hadn't become a linguist instead of a dictator)


A bibliography of New Testament bibliographies. / 1966


A world bibliography of bibliographies and of bibliographical catalogues, calendars, abstracts, digests, indexes, and the like. / 1965

Mother of god

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Simple library cataloging. / 1955


The Journal of documentation. / 1945-2007 etc. ...

also intrigued

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