I lied to myself I started reading right away:

"Automated processes are often far less impressive than the puffery and propaganda surrounding them implyβ€”and sometimes they are nowhere to be seen. Jobs may be eliminated and salaries slashed but people are often still laboring alongside or behind the machines, even if the work they perform has been deskilled or goes unpaid. "

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"McDonald’s customers aren’t on the brink of some hyper-digitized foray into commerce that we might recognize from sci-fi fare like Minority Report or Black Mirror. Instead, they’re, if anything, on course to re-experience the rather quaint dining chambers of the midcentury automat."

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"As I waited for my lunch to be prepared, the man in front of me appeared astonished to receive his food. β€œHow did the app know my order would be ready twenty minutes early?” he marveled, clutching his phone. β€œBecause that was actually me,” the server said. β€œI sent you a message when it was done.” "

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oh snap, Jefferson, dumbwaiters, and the effective hiding of the labor of the people he enslaved... this is a good piece.

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