What are your preferred alternatives to Google Drive's shared documents for writing/editing? Preferring ones which don't require accoutn/login!

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@jackivan88 thank you! I don't think this one will exactly work for what I'm thinking but I love the auto self-destruct for other applications.

@despens @platypus looks really slick. Anyone know of something similar but self-hosted?


You can self-host HackMD, too:
Haven't tried that myself, would be interesting to hear how well that works.

Otherwise there is the "classic" Etherpad, from which I do self-host and which is quite easy to handle.

@platypus @serialscrisis I've coauthored I think 5 papers on overleaf by this point. i don't have an account on it but the person who created the projects did I think. I like using my own editor and compiling latex myself versus using the web interface, so it was nice to have that option. it uses git in the backend, which is also nice for reverting changes.

@platypus Host your own Nextcloud with collabora office ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

@platypus Ironically I just got a Chromebook as the cheapest immediate replacement for my netbook that went bellyup, and I fucking HATE that the only "hard drive" is Google Docs. I got an ext hard drive with it to circumvent it. Before, I wrote in Libre Office (and hosted online with Google Docs, unfortunately, since Dropbox let everybody down).

@KevinCarson1 @platypus not like anything stopping you from installing something better on Chromebook ;)
(Even in dualboot afaik)

@KevinCarson1 @platypus I looked it up and it seems like you can install Linux *inside* your chromeOS with crouton

shouldn't be too hard imo

@platypus have an open Etherpad instance which you can access as an .onion site.

@platypus Etherpad is the only one I'm really familiar with. Kind of working on an ethercalc alternative server implementation, though.

@platypus I've heard about Collabora but honestly didn't use it

@platypus I have instances of Etherpad-Lite and Ethercalc running at home.

@platypus for online collaborative editing, or syncthing/seafile if file sync is all that's needed. I'd like to see a solid implementation for collaborative editing with org-mode on emacs

@platypus I know Nextcloud has a few different plugins that offer browser-based libreoffice functionality

I'm not aware of any service that allows this kind of thing anonymously (i.e. without login)

The perfect solution is self hosted nextcloud, but you can found some instance open to public too

@platypus Atom with the Teletype add-on might work depending on your use case.

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