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What's the best way to find and interact with other on Mastodon? The hashtags I've used and loved on Twitter don't seem to have users here...lovin' Mastodon, but still learn' the culture and best practices 🙂

Oh, I know and love the Trunk (though I should revisit it again, it's been awhile...)

Thanks in advance!!!

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@michelle Looking at the digipres.club instance is a good start! Lots of librarians & archivists over there.

Also, welcome!

@vickysteeves Is there an easy way to see the members in the digipres.club instance? Or should I just scroll through the toots on their homepage?

@michelle hmmm this is a good question and I don't know -- I looked at the feed and followed people from there (who I guess are the most active anyway?)

@vickysteeves That makes sense, and it's simple enough to do. I just wasn't sure if there was an easier way that I was missing. :) Thanks!

@michelle @vickysteeves everyone who signs up for an account on here auto-follows the ops @joshuatj and @misty, so you can go to their accounts and look at their followers! If you do this outside of your dashboard you should be able to see all followers.

@ashley This is great! Thank you for your help, Ashley! I can't wait to explore further 😀

@ron It's a site with lots of lists of Mastodon users who toot about various topics. Users opt-in to the lists, and any user can choose to follow a whole list or just some of the people listed. Here's the link: communitywiki.org/trunk It's very cool :) & so many lists!

@michelle sounds cool I'll have to check it out.

To find users on digipres, you might take a look at @joshuatj like of followers. I _think_ he has the site setup so that member auto-follow his admin. Scroll down his list of followers and if there isn't an "@" in their address then they're local to digipres

@ron This is a great idea! Thank you!

I don't have an MLS (yet--I'm an FCL science ed guy by training), but I work in a very small public library in the U.S (one of only two full-time staff).

@deadbounce My library as a few part-time staff, in addition to our 2 full-time staff, but some of the other libraries in our area are staffed like yours! Well, many around here don't have any full-time staff. :(

Crazy & busy times! I bet you're learning more about all areas of librarianship than most MLS students!

Yeah, we have three part-timers as well. Been here a few years and every day is a learning experience. :-)

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Who knew there were so many lonely librarians in the world? :-)