There’s an online group I follow for people who have off the track thoroughbreds and everyone who has a horse from the same line as that one said they’re mean as shit. 😂

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The horse that won the Kentucky Derby is one step in attitude from the screm at own ass possum and I am here for it


Had an MRI on the hip today. Next hurdle: trying to get a follow up appointment with the overbooked doctor...

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Possible 2 different stress injuries in my hip according to the doctor, need an MRI and strict NO RUNNING for the time being. 😭

Health of elderly parent 

Welp, my dad's back in the hospital...

:mastodon: Mastodon tip: you can customize a column to list multiple hashtags (and block-list some of them too). It's a good way to discover all the posts gravitating around the topics you like (eg. for art, #mastoart is a popular one). That's really a feature I love here and wanted to share it to newcomers.

Still going to try to hit my goal of 1000 words today, though! Sometimes I even write better when my conscious brain isn't fully connected.

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Slept badly last night. I hate how that always affects my whole day, and there's just... nothing I can do about it. 😢

Hey folks - I decided to hie myself from the server I was on to the glammr one.

I'm an archivist and librarian of lo these nearly 25 years, the last 20 or so of which have been in Philadelphia.

I live in South Jersey and it's so much better than you think.

I love metadata and metadata standards including MARC, THAT'S RIGHT MARC!

I also read and write romance novels.

Can't say that I know if I'll be on here all that much, but here I am. Mastodon is a space for folks interested in productive conversation about, well, galleries, libraries, archives, museums, memory work and records. It is pronounce “glamorous” as our work are often charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, especially in a mysterious or magical way. Sometimes it is also full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity (oh, yes). It is also inspired by Toys’R’us to showcase the fun playful side of tooters. But you don't necessarily have to only post about GLAMMR-related topics, bring your whole self. Talk about fun things you saw, your exciting day or even your struggles. Many of us are Twitter refugees looking for an inclusive and community supported approach to social media. If any of these things sound good to you, consider joining us by contributing as little as a $1 a month on our patreon to help keep our server online. Take a look at our code of conduct.