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BREAKING!! Flickr --> SmugMug

Exclusive: Flickr bought by SmugMug, which vows to revitalize the photo service - USA TODAY via @nuzzel

"Everything is deeply intertwingled. In an important sense there are no ‘subjects’ at all; there is only all knowledge, since the cross-connections among the myriad topics of this world simply cannot be divided up neatly." - Ted Nelson, philosopher and sociologist.

Who created it and what was their role? What influence and significance did that person or institution have? Under what circumstances was the record created, and to what end? Why was it selected for permanent preservation? How does its custodial history affect its value?

An archivist might be interested in historical context but, fundamentally, we believed that wasn’t what the archive was here to deliver. Our job was to help the user of the record understand enough of the context of its creation and use to be able to make an assessment of its evidential value.

Digital Archiving: Context is Everything via @nuzzel

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Do you use ImageMagick for rote processing tasks? I'm collecting scripts to help #digipres folks by adding a new section to ffmprovisr! Do you have anything to share? (Or share this?)

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Learning or teaching #digipres? Here are free educational resources from my book #Re_collection with Rick Rinehart, including interactive infographics, video tutorials, and quizzes.

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hey masto i'm outsourcing my work again/looking for titles we might have missed

what are some of your favorite featuring *and* written by PoC? i think are the focus but i'll take non-superhero recs too!

plenary briefly discussed the AV Think Tank White Paper. Read it again today and I would love to have more discussions about the recommendations raised.


White Paper:
Towards a New Audiovisual Think Tank for Audiovisual Archivists and Cultural Heritage Professionals.

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And in today’s tech news, another journalist reinvents public library digital collections from first principles.


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Not an OAIS compliant spell-checker, that's for sure.

Photos of 1966-1967's Singapore, Kuching, Sabah, Fraser's Hill and Kuala Lumpur. Some of the colour ones are stunning.

Wakelet seems to be a good replacement for Storify. Anyone tried the import from Storify function yet? @erwin

Encoding data in dubstep drops 😎😂 via @nuzzel

at Siam Square. Well soaked. Received enough blessings for the year!

Bong (Korea), Bong (Philippines), Bong (Thailand) at Asiatique Riverfront. trusty leader and FIAT/IFTA sect. gen. participating in Rot Nam Dam Hua, Thai water blessing ceremony, blessing the elders of Adrian Wood, Mick Newnham, Tuenjai Sinthuvnik, Dome Sukavong and Ray Edmondson.

Witnessing the cremation & burial ceremonial for decomposed Nitrate film. Using it as fertiliser to plant a new tree. The old nurturing the new!