@hugh yes. I believe the latest documentation for setup includes a setup cron job step. Our instance was so old, didn't have that.

@hugh I think it means you can run it without the RAILS_ENV part. Try running tootctl and see what happens

@hugh there's something about running it in production environment, so RAILS_ENV=production bin/tootctl might be necessary docs.joinmastodon.org/administ

@hugh is your instance docker or not? I used tootctl media remove seems to do the trick.

@andrewjbtw @andrewjbtw not necessary, figured out a way to purge old media. All is good.

@andrewjbtw it was, and it's up again. We are running out of space over there and I'm trying to figure a way to clear old media

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I decided to finally give a certain well-known library resource a try. One of those things that lots of libraries offer and I've been meaning to try anyway.

Great. Sign up, sign in, pick my topic, let's get started!

"You need to install Adobe Flash Player."



@joshuatj UPDATE: The upgrade and migration worked seamlessly 🎉. We're now at the latest stable release 2.7.2 and hosted by masto.host. Toot 🍍 me if you notice any issues.

Thank you @mastohost

@platypus yeapppp, was just about to announce to the world! Haha

Hello fellow glammr.us tooters, we are conducting some long overdue instance upgrading and server migration in a day or two. Expect some intermittent downtime.

If there's anything urgent, toot me at my digipres.club account @joshuatj

If you're interested in open media, open standards, digital audiovisual preservation, then you might want to check out the livestream of No Time to Wait 3: Rough Consensus and Running Archives symposium happening right now.

More info at mediaarea.net/NoTimeToWait3

Catch the livestream at youtube.com/watch?v=M3mthecCNR

Digitization is the not panacea though.

"Why isn't library science in Brazil at a place where digitizing existing materials is as important as going out and collecting stuff?”


@John IKR?! The author's other works are quite fun too!

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