If you're interested in open media, open standards, digital audiovisual preservation, then you might want to check out the livestream of No Time to Wait 3: Rough Consensus and Running Archives symposium happening right now.

More info at mediaarea.net/NoTimeToWait3

Catch the livestream at youtube.com/watch?v=M3mthecCNR

Whoa, This is FUN! Must-try for those doing advocacy

NEW GAME! Why do groups of people act smart, dumb, kind, cruel? An interactive guide to networks & humans:

😐 ncase.me/crowds 😐
source tweet: t.co/oRAQh7dSFt

Love articles like this where it let us take a peek at the behind the scenes processes.

"Developing a Membership Model, or: How to review everything you've ever done and who you talked to along the way" nzzl.us/meCKsdX via @nuzzel

Hey fediverse and beyond, anyone knows any good way to archive and display WhatsApp messages?

What is inside my DPX? You can get one of these flavours and you wouldn't really know which!!

DPX was not developed for archiving, it's for production. Supposed to be just the intermediate between film and digital video. No one planned to store it for long.

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