Show newer spotted in international AV Think Tank.

Navigation to a particular point in the video via subtitles.

The Mind of the Universe has a word cloud to facilitate discovery of videos.

History section on connects the present and the past.

"Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about." Cory Doctorow

Closing Plenary: Towards a shared vision for collective action in the audiovisual archive domain.

"Digitisation is NOT yet a versatile solution to compensate for lack of human resources available."

No fair use in copyright law in Japan. Films were digitised without taking into account copyright law.

Me: This looks just like a film/AV Archive, it's just that it's so happen within an art museum

120 years of New Zealand life and stories captured. 750,000 titles.

Reclaiming an Ancestral voice of archival footage: through contemporary Pacific
Mishelle Muagututi'a, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Audio reels described as Film.
My comment: In short, the horror of mixing different metadata schema. Great respect to the wrangler.

Kathryn Harvey, on The Challenges of the Canadian Total Archives Approach in Managing Audio-Visual Archives

Community focus programmes and events using materials from Shanghai Audiovisual Archives.

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Ding Yue, Shanghai Media Group, on Community-based Media Products and its Future.

Dr Ray Jiing proposes a new model to look at AV Archiving, with Dream and Passion at the center of it.

Dr Ray Jiing has a prolific career, started a couple of archives in 20+ years. He is retired now but he's still passionate about film, so he set up Film Collectors' Museum, non-governmental & not-for-profit.

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