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My recurring nightmare, as long as I can remember, has involved me screaming and shouting, not being listened to, and then waking up exhausted. This is the wide awake version.

Me: Hi, I’m migrating the ILS and I need some info from you. Please fill out the questionnaire
Him: Can you give me a call and walk me through the questionnaire?
Me: [multiple ]

I didn’t even use scary words like “Google Form”! There are only seven questions, two of which are Name and School. I can’t even.


Um...thank you?

I preferred Barnes and Noble before they had a Barbie aisle.

You: So, Jennifer, where have you been planning to spend your birthday weekend?

Me: Well, according to the map, Virginia's Hurricane Evacuation Zone A.


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Making another library-themed cross stitch. Sirsi folks get it.

Current dream voice mail greeting:

“Hello, you have reached [me], [position] at [place of work]. I am currently migrating an ILS, and your call is the least of my worries. Leave a message, if you dare, and I will see about returning your call sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Thanks, and have a nice day.”

At a concert where the two performers are signing about climate change and the sixth extinction and I wish @TeamMidwest was here!

@sam Culver's is an archivist approved custard choice, yes?

Heard that one woman told another woman she's too emotional. I am now preordering "Rage Becomes Her."

Not sure why I still have the conference hashtag in a column on the birbsite. I know it makes me sound nothing less than bitter to say this, but I'm not just , I'm basically .

Behind every strong ILS is an even stronger woman.

ILS conversion is a marathon.

Can’t get lost heading to the Colgate U Special Collections open house.

This year, instead of holiday cards, I'm going to send out updates to my privacy policy.

Put together a cart of e-audio books today. One title had two choices, both the same price. Lin-Manuel Miranda narrates one of them and...I take that back. There was no choice.

24510 Protected bike lanes : |b a life story

24510 Useless : |b the story of our futility / |c Sharrows Anonymous


You guys! I got a bluetooth barcode scanner today, and the world will never be the same.