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Can’t get lost heading to the Colgate U Special Collections open house.

This year, instead of holiday cards, I'm going to send out updates to my privacy policy.

Put together a cart of e-audio books today. One title had two choices, both the same price. Lin-Manuel Miranda narrates one of them and...I take that back. There was no choice.

24510 Protected bike lanes : |b a life story

24510 Useless : |b the story of our futility / |c Sharrows Anonymous


You guys! I got a bluetooth barcode scanner today, and the world will never be the same.

Most of the time I have some strong when it comes to . But on Friday I ordered a title that comes out this week, and we already have holds on it. So I must be doing something right!

Treats for the downtown public service and tech services crew on . (Shamelessly borrowed the image and changed “Magazine” to “Library”)

NWS Boston has some splainin to do. Not like they don’t have a top archives/rm program right nearby. (I wonder if Gregor knows about this...) In reply, Dan told me it’s only the snow data that’s missing (not rain, wind, etc.). Still not good.

Hi...not sure how much time I will spend on here, but thought I'd check it out.

Always introduce myself as Jennifer. Often called Jen.

Avid cyclist...public librarian (ILS administrator, collection development, other duties as assigned) hanging onto archives by a thread...Auntie to D,M, and N...never far from a cup of tea...knitter...Jewish film fest co-chair...and a few more things.