I don't know how it's been OVER A YEAR since I logged in to glammr.us but hi digipres.club keeps going down so maybe I'm back over here?

@sabrams tbh I have yet to ever even feel like "oh this QA is for sure *done*" at the point at which I stop doing QA

@ron @platypus this is one reading on the topic I've found useful, in particular the last section "Replication and Reproduction": displayatyourownrisk.org/gerst "if the faithful reproduction is allowed to be and is accepted as a substitute for the original, does it matter whether we still have the original or is the reproduction sufficient as a means to study, observe, and enjoy the past? This also leads to questions about who has the right to re-create and determine the authenticity of the past"

Glad to be in glammrus! I'm also @elizabeengland, I do digital archives and preservation work in an academic library & in a past life worked in galleries while/after studying art history. So I guess I have GLA-ed. I'm particularly interested in how visual materials are preserved, described, and accessed.

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