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personal injury 

Turns out the file names and the carriers aren’t exact matches and our interpretation of handwriting differs.

I have to match these disk image files to the physical carrier. I’ve managed to match all but five and I can’t tell if I’m missing something, the carrier doesn’t exist anymore, or the names just don’t match.

Code4lib is in San Jose next year and I’m intrigued. I’ve never been but really want to experience it, but I’d have to pay registration costs out of pocket and that’s a big chunk of change.

Just emailed a dog rescue place about a doggie that upon description seems good for Osito and I’d love the two to meet. Anxiously waiting to hear back!

angry researcher 

angry researcher 

angry researcher 

angry researcher 

angry researcher 

self doubt 

It was recommended to us to make it more specific, so we made the executive decision to limit it to self-identified first generation students.

Our goal is to have it pass through council before the end of the year. I'm simultaneously excited and terrified for the council portion of this process.

AH! Last year on that other site a bunch of archivists were discussing how SAA should offer a way for current archivists to sponsor student memberships. I chimed in saying that maybe it is something SNAP could spearhead.

Many moons later I've just sent out a draft for a "Student Membership Award" to the SNAP steering committee for review! 😬

Our cataloging system has started to freeze while I type out system requirements that are quite long. 😤

Since I’m in a mood I’ve decided to slog through all my wedding photos and finally pick which ones go in the professional album and which to get prints of. Really wish we didn’t have to pay $500 to get them released early. I’d really like to share them with the world.

Today is one of those I just want to stay home and make baked goods and sew kind of day.

🤔 so I haven’t figured out exactly how I want to use this space. I don’t feel committed to the professional in the digital but I’m too nervous to dump stuff like I do on that other site.

The RAC has just released Aurora, an open source application to receive, virus check, and validate transfers of digital records:


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