I’m taking a button up shirt class this weekend and I’m proud of the progress I’m making.

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@ebeth I have no pin leads, but I do own a 2.25 inch button maker. If there is ever anything you need on a button of that size let me know and I will make it for you.

@platypus oof. I feel this. The funeral home wrote my dad's and we just provided fill in the blank answers. It was frustrating, but I didn't have the bandwidth to deal with it.

Being at work today has thrown me off for the rest of the week.It honestly just feels like everyone else is out sick or in another building, but really it is just Sunday.

I set up my new gravity feed iron last night but I’m too afraid to keep the IV stand up because cat.

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long story short: I took the chance and convinced him that buying a quality machine is worth the investment. If anyone wants/need 2.25 inch buttons for things hit me up!

I've been wanting to buy a button maker for YEARS. Every few months I bring it up to my SO & hes of the camp that I don't need another expensive crafty thing. He's not wrong. This week he finally asked where our button maker was because he wanted to make buttons for this conference he's organizing. I broke that news that we don't actually have a button maker and he was so sad.

@platypus It's become one of those jobs that Umich ischool grads want and the bentley tries to not exclusively recruit from the program. However, I've noticed a good chunk of their project archivists have worked in the field for at least a year before going there. Administratively things keep changing at the Bentley and the Project Archivists feel that. They do a lot of great work and have some amazing collections, but I'm not sure if I would work there in a professional position.

@platypus A few of them continued onto permanent positions within the library. I'm not entirely sure how the last group of project archivists felt about their time there. From what I know they do get worthwhile skills and experiences and it seems most find a job pretty quickly after working there. They get to process collections, write finding aids, do reference shifts, and some get field work too.

@platypus I've known multiple people who have done this program and yeah, I have feelings.

@platypus when I started grad school some of the second year students took it upon themselves to lead a session on getting out of Michigan listservs and setting up gmail filters. Unfortunately, most of my cohort decided not to attend and I ended up preaching the gospel of email filters in the grad lounge for the next two years.

@platypus I deeply appreciate your image description because I had NO idea what was going on.

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