In today's cataloging questions: If the package for a software item is missing the disks and only includes manuals should it be cataloged as text instead?

Most say yes, but I'm not so sure since I don't know how researchers search (or would search) for software manuals in our collection.

@elenarchivist hm so I mean I guess... I wouldn't just say catalog to how it's parsed but I can't think of a way that parsing it as software (if you do not plan to replace the software) vs. text that would really be helpful because manuals are not software and that would be the system expectation.

I think that people would expect software to maybe have documentation? but I don't think that's necessarily the only way they'd look for it.

What's your collection/

@elenarchivist There's also the possibility of adding a 655$aHandbooks and manuals e.g. ... I dunno if there's a more precise one for tech

@platypus We don't use LOC terms 😞 which would help a lot. There is a place where we can put in format and say "packaged software" but online it doesn't connect the two. A user would need to go into a record to see that.

@platypus in the past we've cataloged these things both ways (as software or text). Normally the items would be removed to text shelving. Our public facing search is very basic & you can choose the tab you want to view (software, text, etc.) Depending on how the item is cataloged in Mimsy it would show up under the appropriate tab.

Moving forward I don't mind cataloging new items that are missing software as text. For items that pre-date my arrival I'm hesitant bc idk when things went missing.

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